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Our Mission

To enable individuals and families to live free from domestic violence by: 

  • Providing shelter, advocacy, counseling, and education 
  • Raising the consciousness of the community regarding the extent, type and seriousness of domestic violence 
  • Initiating and taking positions on public policies in order to provide options which empower victims of domestic violence
  • Marge, Grace Smith House Board Member
    Marge, Grace Smith House Board Member

    Having worked for decades with victims of domestic violence, I saw firsthand how vital it was for them to connect with kind souls who could provide access to safety, shelter, sustenance and a place to feel peace. Grace Smith House has served those needs for a very long time. This wonderful agency continues to evolve and to fill gaps and provide hope in so many ways.

Together, we helped in 2021

  • Nights of Safety


  • Hotline Calls


  • Students Educated


  • Advocacy Services