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How To Help

Vehicles For Charity

Donate Your Vehicle While Supporting Your Favorite Charity! 

The Donation Process (The process is quite simple and can usually be completed within five to ten days)

1.  The initial inquiry, in the form of a phone call or completion of our online donation form,
     takes only five to ten minutes.

2.  The donation is credited to the affiliate account.

3.  The donor is instructed to remove the license plates from the vehicle and sign the
      title prior to pick-up.

4.   Vehicle pick-up is scheduled with the tow company.

5.   Depending on the condition of the vehicle, it is either taken to an auction for sale or to an
      auto crusher for recycling purposes.

6.   A donation acknowledgement as well as a thank you letter is mailed within 30 days following the
     sale of the vehicle per IRS requirements (upon receipt of a negotiable title).


Call 1-866-628-CARS (1-866-628-2277) or Donate Online HERE!