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Retirement & Legacy

Retirement & Legacy

For the families seeking shelter with Grace Smith House, the past is shadowed with the threat of physical, emotional and sexual violence. But as the door to the past closes, you open another door for someone else. You can provide a new beginning for a victim of domestic violence and their children, offering shelter, safety, and a life without violence.
Your contribution in the form of a planned gift empowers Grace Smith House to continue to serve the members of our community affected by abuse. Every individual and child who walks through our open door will share in a future made possible by your legacy of generosity and dedication. Together, we can break the cycle of domestic violence in our community, and leave a legacy of hope and safety for the next generation.

Legacy Society Membership

We are honored to recognize members of our Legacy Society. You can become a member simply by notifying us that you are including Grace Smith House in your planned giving or as a beneficiary in your estate plan.
Email for more information.

Ways To Give

Bequest In Will
The easiest and most common way of making a planned gift is through a bequest in your will. You can designate a specific amount of money, or percentage of your estate, or a specific asset. Grace Smith House could also be named as a contingent beneficiary.
Life Income Gift
Gifts such as charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, or a pooled income fund can be bequeathed to Grace Smith House. Life income gifts generally reduce or eliminate certain taxes.
Life Insurance
Life Insurance can be utilized to make a sizeable gift to Grace Smith House, by listing our agency as a beneficiary of the policy.
A Life Estate
Ask your financial advisor about deeding your property to Grace Smith House. A life estate gift reduces capital gains, inheritance and estate taxes, and offers an income tax deduction.

New Beginnings Legacy Society Members

Eulie Anderson
James Capralos
​Jeannette F. Schlobach

Tribute Donors

Angie Coluccio
Barbara Mauri
Beth O'Neal
Betty Kirchhoff
Beverly Hardy
Brenda Hoskins
Carla Higgins
Carla Lathem Webb
Christopher Daly (Rev.)
Christine McFadden Turner
Elaine Newman Hudson
Ella Spooner
Fran Knapp
​Fred & Mary Ann Lohrey
Gaetano Citera
Gerald & Carole Peterson
Gloria Morrill Asciutto
James Capralos
Jennis Adams
John Ruhle
Judy Drexler
Laurie Schiavone
Lucille Orzach
Lucille Pattison
Lynne & Phil Campisi
​Mary Anderson
Mary H. Williams
Patricia Finnegan Cullinan
Rachel Himelstein
Raffaella Ronoinelli
Robert & Lori Rolison
Rosario Nigrelli
Susan Kirchhoff & Alain Younes
Theresa P. Arkell
Victoria Pollien